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Welcome to The Sister Diary

Hello!! Today is a big day! We are so excited to launch our brand new blog, as well as season 2 of our podcast with Dear Media. As you may know, we released two episodes this week: one all about who we are and how we got to where we are today + a recap of our year, plus an interview with one of our amazing friends, Kenzie Ziegler.

Before we talk about this week's episodes, we want to explain the purpose of this blog. As avid podcast listeners, we know how annoying it is when someone is dropping tips or talking about their favorite things on a podcast and feel like you need to make notes to remember everything. We thought we would help you out and have everything that was spoken about on our podcast episodes written out right here, every week.

So, this week, we gave our listeners a background on who we are, how we got into the industry and got to where we are today. Here's a quick recap of the episode:

Who we are:

- Lauren is an actor, social media influencer, student, YouTuber, and in general a content creator. She's equally studious and creative. Lauren is 15 years old and is the youngest in our family.

- Maddie is 23 and the oldest in our family. She graduated from university in 2018 and helps manage the business aspects of Lauren's career. She also creates her own content on Instagram (and YouTube coming soon)!! Maddie has a clothing company called Artless that's launching in spring 2020.

How we got into the industry/to where we are today:

- Our brother Johnny posted his first video on YouTube when he was 8 years old. Our other sister, Darian (yes there are a lot of us) helped him record the audio into his laptop and film a cute little video, which they posted on YouTube. The video didn't get that many views, but they had fun being creative together and continued to record covers and make more videos.

- Probably 6 months-a year after Johnny started posting on YouTube, Darian somehow convinced Lauren to start making videos as well. We're still not exactly sure how that happened.

- This process continued for 4-5 years while we were living in Canada, fairly uneventful.

- In January 2015, our family moved to LA so that Lauren, Johnny and Darian could get US citizenship. Our dad was born in the US and they had to apply for green cards before Darian turned 18 in February. They literally decided to move and packed their bags within a week.

- Maddie was in university in Canada so she never moved to LA.

- Our family didn't move to LA to benefit our careers, but being in that type of environment helped to grow our social followings, allow us to connect with new, likeminded people in the industry and have tons of new opportunities.

- 2016/2017, the app blew up. Lauren and Johnny used the app a lot and their following started to grow, which caused Instagram and YouTube to grow as well.

- The process just kind of continued from there! Johnny got signed to a label, Lauren started acting etc. There was never one big "event" that caused anyone's social following or success to grow exponentially.

Recap of 2019:

- Feb: we went to Anguilla, one of our favorite vacay spots in the Caribbean

- March: season 3 of Lauren's web series "Total Eclipse" came out

- April: Maddie started working on her clothing line, Artless

- May: our brother, Johnny, went on tour and we went with him. We spent 6 weeks on a bus going across the USA and Europe

- June/July: filmed season 4 of "Total Eclipse", spent Canada Day and 4th of July in LA, Lauren got bangs, our podcast launched

- August: spent a few weeks at our cottage in Canada and at home in Toronto, relaxing and catching up with friends

- September: Lauren's first feature film, "Next Level" was released

- October: we spent Halloween and Lauren's birthday in LA. We also signed with Dear Media and recorded a bunch of amazing interviews with guests for the podcast.

- November: we went back to Anguilla for another fam vacation!!

- December: new merch released, launch of season 2 of The Sister Diary podcast, Christmas with our family in LA

And that's basically it! We had such an amazing year. Thank you guys so much for all your support - we would not be here without you. We can't tell you how much it means to us that you listen to our podcast every week and continue to support us in our various ventures.

To listen to the full episode, make sure you subscribe to The Sister Diary on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! We also have a new Facebook group where we continue the conversations that we have on the podcast with you guys!

Lots of love,

Lauren and Maddie xx

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