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The Fashion Blog: Style, Fashion Inspo & How to Put Together a Good Outfit (Without Trying Too Hard)

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

This week on the podcast, we talked all about fashion and style, which are topics that we get questions about all the time. I listened through the episode again this morning after it was released and was left feeling like there was more that I wanted to say, especially because fashion is something that I am so interested and personally invested in. I also wanted to give a few more updates on my clothing company, Artless, that I didn’t mention in the podcast. This is making all my fashion blogger dreams come true, btw!!!

Balancing masculine and feminine pieces:

When Lauren and I were trying to describe our style, we both said that our wardrobe is made up of both masculine and feminine pieces. I wanted to clarify what we meant by this and give you some ideas about how you can incorporate both elements of style into your own wardrobes, if that’s something that you’re interested in. One way that I love to draw in masculine elements is by adding oversized clothing. I buy men’s pieces from brands like Off-White or Essentials (more affordable brand by Fear of God), or even from Urban Outfitters, and then pair them with more fitted women’s pieces. For example, I would wear a big tan, beige or black (love neutrals) crewneck from Essentials with leather pants and platform Nasty Gal boots. Or, I’d pair a men’s graphic tee with biker shorts and white sneakers. Or, a silk slip dress with a loose thick wool cardigan or a crewneck over top, plus feminine heels. In all of these examples, I’m pairing oversized masculine pieces (even if they are not actually men's) with tight, fitted, silky, feminine pieces. The balance of these two extremes is key and makes for really exciting, different outfits.

Adding textures:

Another thing that you can do to make an outfit more interesting is add texture. In the episode, I talked about how feathers are very in right now and Lauren made fun of me, but feathers and other textures can seriously add a unique flair to your outfit. Other textures that I love are velvet (crushed velvet is so pretty. I just got a cool velvet bodysuit from Aritzia), silk (all my silk is from Are You Am I), nylon (like the slippery jogger pants we were talking about in the episode), fluffy cotton (like a teddybear jacket) and denim.


I also wanted to give you a quick update on the Artless progress, because I haven’t talked about the brand specifically on the podcast. Next week (early February), I am going into the cut and sew factory that I have been working with to try on my samples for the first time. I am the fit model, which means I am going to wear the “sample size” for the line. I'm 5'4" ish and will be an XS. Let me know what you think about that sizing, or if there is anyone smaller than me that thinks they would like/need a smaller size. I am open to any suggestions or feedback about the line because I want it to be perfect! I also want to vlog the sampling and fitting process for my YouTube channel - let me know if that's something you would be interested in seeing!

After I try on the samples, I have a few weeks to make changes before it goes into full production mode. Once everything’s approved and production begins, Artless will be ready to go on sale within approx. 6 weeks. I am so excited for you to see the line! It has been the longest work in progress ever but I have learned so much about making clothing and I know everything is going to be so amazing when it finally launches.

Fashion inspo:

Lauren and I get 90% of our fashion inspo from following cool people and brands on Instagram. Some of my favorite accounts to follow are @haileybieber @stylememaeve @bellahadid @oresundiris @areyouami @emmaleger @saskiateje @rumineely @danielleguizio @fwrd @revolve @styledbylivm, and all of the fashion bloggers listed in the podcast episode show notes!

Tips for putting together a good outfit without trying:

Focus on shoes and jackets. You can dress up a basic outfit and make it look effortlessly cool by focusing on these two things. A go-to outfit for me is: jeans, a cropped tank and an oversized jacket, usually stolen from my brother’s closet.

Wear a dress. Dresses are genius because they make it look like you tried really hard but actually you just put one piece on. Are You Am I is my favorite place to buy dresses at the moment. They are expensive, but really are so beautiful and are ethically made in the USA, so I think it’s worth it. I’m also creating an amazing silk slip dress very soon - STAY TUNED!!

Thanks for reading and for listening to this week's podcast episode. As always, let us know if you have any questions either in the comments here or on Instagram (@thesisterdiary). Happy Friday!

Maddie xx

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