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Recap: Our Trip to Las Vegas

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

For the last 2 years, our family has had a tradition of going away somewhere close to LA for a little "staycation" over Christmas break.

This year, we went to Las Vegas to see a few shows, go to some of our fave restaurants, and explore the indulgence that is Vegas (lol)... here is a recap.


During our trip, we stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel. This is one of our favorite hotel chains (and it's Canadian)! Since we were there on a family trip, this quiet hotel was a perfect place to escape from the craziness . It's a non-gaming hotel so there were no casinos inside, which we quickly learned was exactly what we wanted. Although it was quiet, the hotel was still located on the strip and was super close to all the shows, restaurants, hotels and casinos. We walked everywhere!

The two of us and Darian and John, our other siblings, all stayed in one room, which was definitely an interesting experience... Much better/quieter/less yelling when we stay just the two of us, let's just say.


Catch Las Vegas - the first night we got to Vegas we went to the new Catch location at the Aria hotel. As you may know if you follow us on Insta, we've been to Catch soo many times in LA and NYC and it's one of our all time favorite restaurants. The menu in Vegas was exactly the same, so we were happy. Definitely got the hit me cake.

Carbone - on night two, we visited Carbone. The original Carbone is located in NY and we've been there before, so we knew it was going to be good! Lauren got spicy rigatoni, I (Maddie) shared sea bass with my mom. Everything was amazing ;)

Javier's - on night three, we went to Javier's. I hadn't heard of this restaurant before we went to Vegas, but we actually saw it when we were walking through the Aria casino on our way to Catch and it looked good. It's a Mexican restaurant, so the food was different than the first two nights, which was nice. We shared a bunch of apps, ceviche, vegan tacos etc.


We went to two shows while we were in Vegas. The first show was Cirque du Soleil. Lauren and our mom just went to the Cirque show in Toronto and loved it, so they were super excited to see the Vegas version. They said it wasn't as good as the Toronto one, but I thought it was really good. There was so much production... fireworks, stages, things hanging from the ceiling. It was honestly kind of scary though because I was worried they were going to fall from the ceiling the entire time.

The second show we went to was David Copperfield. He's a magician that has been doing shows in Vegas forever. Our dad had already been to the show a few years ago and said it was unbelievable, and he was definitely right. The highlight for us was definitely when Lauren was brought on stage to be his assistant in one of the tricks. I wish I filmed it but we weren't allowed to use phones :(

It doesn't really fit into a category here, but also worth noting that we went dune buggying in the desert on day 2. It's only 20 or so mins from the strip, but feels like you're in the middle of nowhere. It was soo much fun and nice to change things up during the day for a little bit, because Vegas is definitely more of a nighttime place. Lauren and I were in a car together and she said I was an excellent driver.

All in all, Vegas isn't really our place... obviously Lauren is underage and I'm not really into gambling or partying very much, but it was cool to see. If I had to describe it in a few words, I'd say indulgent, excessive and a little tacky but also lively and exciting ;)

PS - I tried to add photos to this post but it doesn't seem to want to work. Check out our insta @thesisterdiary for Las Vegas content!! Also, we both vlogged a little so we might try to put a video together for IGTV or YouTube. Stay tuned!

Update - IGTV is up now on @thesisterdiary xx

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